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87-93 6 gauge Instrument Cluster
Brushed Aluminum housing, Cobalt gauges
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87-93 Mustang Full Panel

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RACEPAK -  Mustang cluster housings    click here>>

 RACEPAK  Flat mount panels (cut to fit)   click here>>



87-93 Holley 7.5

 New Product Release

      Mounting solutions for the  

5.7" LCD Touch Screen   &   7.5" EFI Digital Dash 

87-93, 94-04 Mustang          Cut to fit Flat mount panel          Call or email for more information

87-93 Mustang cluster housing for the 7.5" EFI Digital Dash - $165.00

This housing is our standard 87-93 instrument cluster housing that has been modified for the Holley EFI Digital 7.5 dash.

This housing has been prepared with a zero tolerance clearance for a clean, smooth, tight fit of the Holley 7 unit.

Once the Holley unit is installed it presents a seamless near factory installed look.

To secure the Holley unit to the housing it utilizes the factory Holley side mounting screw locations. 


87-93 Mustang cluster housing for the 5.7 LCD Touch Screen - $110.00

They are sold blank / un-cut.   For recessed/surface mounting of the 5.7 touch screen. 

For more information on the 5.7" Screen mounting, please call or email.
The factory Ford bezel will need to be modified when mounting
the 5.7" Screen. 


For more information about the cut to fit Flat Mount panels, please email or call.


 5.7 LCD Touch Screen

 7.5 EFI Digital Dash

87-93 Mustang 
5.7 Holley LCD Touch screen
Surface mounted on the standard 87-93 Cluster housing.
The lower part of the housing (the hump) will have to be
modified to meet your needs.

87-93 Mustang Holley 7.5 cluster housing
who recessed mounted his unit.


Some slight trimming of the factory Ford
bezel may be needed.


87-93 Mustang Holley 7.5 Cluster housing. 

Side view

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New Release / Re-release

87 - 93 Full Panel


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94-04 IQ3

94-04 UDX  
87-93 IQ3

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